– How long does it take for my order to ship ?

We do our best to have all of our standard line in stock at all times. We will ship your pedalboard within 3 working days from receiving your order for In Stock and ready to ship boards and it usually takes 5-6 days (expedited)  for the package to reach its destination. For custom pedalboards  we usually require 2-3 weeks to ship. For a custom pedalboard with hard case we usually require 3-4 weeks.

– How do you ship ?

We ship with TNT and FedEx depending on your location.

– Do you ship internationally ?

Yes we do! All over the world!

 What do you need to know in order to plan my board?

Please supply us with a detailed list (include dimensions if you have any unusual or rare pedals), a picture of your current set-up and finally some indication of which pedals need to be on top, at the front or inside the board.

 If I supply my pedals can you make a complete build for me with cables and power etc.?

Yes as long as you are in the EU zone (European Union), non-EU countries require such a mountain of paperwork, insurances and proof of ownership (of pedals) that from experience it’s just not cost-effective for either of us…sorry!

What about Velcro?

 All of our boards are supplied with (high quality) Velcro on the decks (loop) and also enough for your pedals (hook). 

My country is not listed as a shipping destination in the web-shop?

Don’t worry it’s nothing personal we just haven’t added your country to the web-shop, just let us know via the CONTACT page and we’ll make sure that you are included.


Send us your requests/questions using the contact page!