Grill Cloth SILVER & BLACK XL-Site 170cm high, used for 4×12″ Fender Cabinets


Grill Cloth SILVER & BLACK  170cm high

Grill Cloth SILVER & BLACK as used for all blackface and reissue Fender Amps in combination with BLACK TOLEX FTBL covering.
This XtraLarge size is 170wide (=Fender pattern: HIGH!) and is used for the large upright external cabinets like the Fender 4×12″ or 2×15″ Bassman and Showman cabinets.
Additional Info
Additional Info
Weight 1 kg
NOTE: Fender Grill Cloth pattern requires amp-width + 10cm as order quantity
Order size: in 0.1m steps.
Unit: price per continious meter! 170cm wide (= Fender Amp height with respect to Fender pattern)
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